Gay Related Intestinal Dysbiosis (GRID): the video

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Mar 252010
Gay Related Intestinal Dysbiosis (GRID):  the video

  Tony Lance I’ve gotten to know Tony Lance personally the last few months. The more we visit, the more things we seem to discover we share in common. Both of us are gay men who came out just before, or in the very earliest years of the Gay Plague. We are both “poz” and […more]

Latest “AIDS” research: Smoking damages lungs

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Mar 192010
Latest "AIDS" research:  Smoking damages lungs

courtesy of AIDS researchers continue to stretch the limits in finding excuses to spend some of the billions of dollars worth of funding being made available to them. Lately, the anti-smoking forces have been rallying to compete for a piece of the HIV research pie. This morning’s news brought this “study” about the lung […more]


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Mar 022010

I developed Bell’s palsy (BP) yesterday, a couple of days after striking the left side of my head rather severely on the sharp, hard edge of my car door. After self-diagnosing my symptoms, I was reluctant to seek any medical care, mainly because there really is no successful treatment or cure for BP.  Most people […more]