Born in 1956, I was born in the sign of Cancer. Raised on a farm just north of Colby, Kansas, in a moderately religious American Baptist family of eight. I have been a Jesus Freak, an illicit drug user (cocaine, crystal and pot), a heavy tobacco user and diagnosed with AIDS. All past tense now. My history also includes a record of human rights activism and even a run for city council. I have been in a long-term relationship with the same man since 1979.

Those poor affluent gays

 Posted by on 2009-03-21 at 8:51 pm
Mar 212009
Those poor affluent gays

Gays and lesbians are far more affluent as a group than their hetero counterparts. That’s been an accepted marketing mantra for decades. I know. When I worked for a gay newspaper in the 1990s we used various “research” reports that gave the numbers. Even then I puzzled about how these research marketing firms got their […more]

Anita Bryant to resume anti-gay crusade

 Posted by on 2009-03-20 at 6:06 am
Mar 202009
Anita Bryant to resume anti-gay crusade

James Miko is a ballsy reporter with Gossip Boy an Oklahoma City gay e-magazine. Miko recently went undercover to investigate the infamous 1970s orange juice queen and anti-gay crusader Anita Bryant and in the process uncovered much more than he bargained for. Using his newfound friendship with Bryant, Miko updates his readers on her career […more]

HIV does not cause AIDS video

 Posted by on 2009-03-13 at 9:07 pm
Mar 132009

For some reason the blogger known as disinter has linked to my blog for a video he had found interesting entitled HIV = AIDS Fact or Fraud? (Note: that link is no longer valid. Try this one instead, or Google the video title.) This 1996 video is rather dated, but still worth viewing for those […more]

I’m positive

 Posted by on 2009-03-10 at 6:48 am
Mar 102009
I'm  positive

More than ten years ago I wrote about what I was thinking and feeling immediately after I got my diagnosis of “HIV-positive”. What I wrote then shows how I was once a fervent believer in the mainstream AIDS cult. Since then I have come to a dissident perspective on my own, and was actually surprised […more]

Marketing AID$ is big bucks (updated)

 Posted by on 2009-03-06 at 8:44 am
Mar 062009
Marketing AID$ is big bucks (updated)

It is not just about saving lives or finding a cure. It’s very much about making money, and AIDS treatments have long been considered a global marketing opportunity. Mainstream AIDS proponents hate to have this issue brought up and would like to pretend that no one is getting rich from the current test-everyone-and-give-them-drugs public health […more]

Another victim of AIDS treatments dies

 Posted by on 2009-03-03 at 10:40 pm
Mar 032009
Another victim of AIDS treatments dies

This post is for Seth Kalichmen and Peter Staley and and all the other AIDS drug pushers who so brutally bashed Christine Maggiore when she died recently. (For an account of Christine’s passing from someone who actually knew her,visit her memorial site.) Now yet another one of “yours” has died. How should we note […more]

Last Exit interviews Celia Farber

 Posted by on 2009-03-02 at 8:33 am
Mar 022009
Last Exit interviews Celia Farber

And in terms of me and the media, I guess I’m looking at the media and saying, you are not exactly in great shape, are you? I might be in better shape than you. Because of this bullshit, because they have not spoken to people. They formed this tower for themselves and really just didn’t […more]

“Reduce the burden” is focus of new website

 Posted by on 2009-02-27 at 7:32 am
Feb 272009
"Reduce the burden" is focus of new website

There is a new website online for those questioning the mainstream AIDS hypothesis, and I’m impressed. is a veritable warehouse of research documentation from dozens, perhaps hundreds of sources ranging from Natural News to the AP, challenging the status quo about AIDS and making it a bookmark site for anyone confronting a chronic disease. […more]

How I became a Taliban

 Posted by on 2009-02-22 at 9:07 am
Feb 222009
How I became a Taliban

I confess. Lock me up, torture me and ship me off to some lawless land so you can shove embers under my fingernails and then stone me until I’m dead. I deserve that and worse. Maybe my corpse should be dragged across a stony field for good measure, the remains left for scavengers and vermin. […more]