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Dec 302013
 (c) Can Stock Photo

(c) Can Stock Photo

After more than five years of blogging, resistanceisfruitful.com has moved to a new domain: reaids.com. The name is shorter and easier to remember, and to type, and—I’ve been told—Internet search engines will appreciate it. 

The transition this past weekend was not a smooth and painless one, but thanks to a tech at inmotion hosting who is also named Jonathan, the job got done.

Google and Bing have been served notice of the change, though it will take awhile for their robots to crawl and index the site again. There was a predictable and dramatic drop in the Alexa rank, which had really been improving the last month or two.

I still have to configure things like Cloudflare and MaxCDN—services that help speed things up for visitors and reduce the load on the hosting server. I’m already exceeding CPU limits, even on an average day. I have had to geek like I haven’t geeked for years, maybe decades.

Other than a different URL in the browser address bar, most visitors won’t notice many substantial changes immediately. Oh, I’ve tried to freshen things up a bit by changing the color scheme to a more minimalist look, but all content is still where it was before the move (hopefully).

Thanks to redirects, visitors can still get here using the old addresses and links (hopefully). If not, PLEASE let me know via the contact form. If that doesn’t work you can contact me directly at jonathan@ either domain names.

There are other, more significant changes planned. As time permits, I want to develop reAIDS into much more than just my personal blog.

Phase 1 will be adding WordPress multisite to allow reAIDS to host additional blogs, for example. If someone has a lot on their mind or a particular focus on immune health and wants to write about that, but doesn’t want or know how to set up a blog… reAIDS just might be an option. It’s rough getting attention on the Internet, and using an established site can help give a blogger a leg up. 

BuddyPress is a complete social networking component, and will be addressed in Phase 2. reAIDS is not meant to be a substitute for Facebook or any of the other mega-social communities, but I’m committed to finding out if there is a need for a smaller, more intimate intimate family, created and supported by and for Affecteds.

Finally, depending on the level of interest, reAIDS will be able to host private discussion forums. One of the most common concerns I heard from members of the forums at QuestioningAIDS was the public nature of the forums. The issue has also been raised on the Rethinking AIDS page at Facebook. reAIDS will offer both public community space, as well as areas that will be available only to vetted members.

This raises a number of issues, the most important one being trust. There is no such thing a absolute privacy on the Internet. There is nothing preventing a malevolent member from copying and pasting content outside of any private space. Being aware of that means there will probably need to be some sort of verification for new members and an agreement to respect and honor privacy. There is no perfect system for guaranteeing that, but the alternative is to just not meet, gather and discuss, and that is not a very useful option, either.

The details can be worked out but it’s going to take some time. I want to thank those who have been helping to develop and initiate the concept. reAIDS is now more than just a vision, and the work has just begun. 

I will continue to post updates as this process unfolds. Every journey begins with a first step and this marks that accomplishment. It is an exciting way to end this year, with much to look forward to in 2014.

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